Let us walk alongside you.

Let us help you process your emotions.

Trauma therapy can help you address the event(s) and begin the journey of processing. Therapy is a safe space where you can face your fears and learn the skills to help you function better.

Trauma therapy can help you address the trauma regardless of whether its caused by a one-time event, or an ongoing or long-lasting situation. 

There are some common forms of trauma that therapy can address but it is important to keep in mind that trauma can include any event or experience that causes emotional or psychological harm.

If you’re dealing with trauma then you’re not alone, we are here to help. Give us a call or connect with us through email and we can begin supporting you in your healing process. Select the time of service option that is right for you.

Types of Trauma

Did You Know?

About four in five Canadians who met the criteria for probable posttraumatic stress disorder face challenges accessing care. Let us help you with work through your trauma.

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