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We are here to support you through this.

There is often a clear moment when you realize your low mood, negative feelings about yourself and the life you are living may feel unbearable. When depression surfaces you may find yourself feeling lonely, unlovable, unwanted or helpless. You may feel like a failure and feel that you are never able to meet the expectations of others. You long to be valued just for being you but at the same time you may feel undeserving of care and compassion.
You may notice:

• Changes to weight and appetite
• Loss of sleep
• Loss of interest in things that were previously interesting to the individual
• Sense of hopelessness, uselessness, excessive guilt, pessimism, or low self-esteem
• Feelings of agitation or being slowed down
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Difficulty concentrating, recalling things, or difficulty making decisions

These symptoms, the loss of positive emotion and feeling powerless does not have to define you. Feeling joy, improved relationships and freedom is possible.

If you desire a life beyond the fog let us show you how to reclaim your potential. Let us show you how to sift the maladaptive interpersonal behaviours that undermine relationships and progress.

If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of depression or feeling unsure, then reach out and let us walk alongside you in your distress.

Depression’s grip may be most prominent in your individual life, or in your couple or family relationships. Select the type of service option that is right for you and get started today.

Types of Depression

Did You Know?

Depression is among the most common mental health disorders and the most treatable. An estimated 1 in 4 Canadians experiences depression in their life that serious enough to get treatment in their lifetime. We can help support you through your experience with depression.

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