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About Me

Welcome! My name is Monique Achong.

I am humbled that you are here. I am a Trinidadian born, Registered Social Worker, practicing Psychotherapy virtually across Ontario and Nova Scotia. I am dedicated to working with BIPOC populations whose lives have been impacted by relationship distress, people pleasing, self-esteem struggles, anxiety, shame, and anger. Research shows that emotions liberate and act as a compass to life. Your lived experience may have taught you to disown or mistrust them but together, we can transform and heal. Let’s get curious together about what empowers and enlightens you in your relationship with yourself and special others in your life. Let’s help you find solace in your emotional health and wellbeing.

Service Issues

What I can offer to you

Learning to tune into your emotions can guide you from chaos to liberation. I am trained and have experience supporting my clients on a variety of issues. 

Relationships can have their challenges and are big part of our lives. We can support you in creating relationships that contribute to your well-being. Click to learn more.

Grief Counselling Services

Grieving is connected to a lot of intense feelings of love, hate, happiness, compassion, fear, anger, relief, sadness. We are here to help you with these complex emotions.

Life Transitions Counselling Services

There are 4 types of Transitions. Understanding which type of transition you are going through can help you navigate through this process. Get in touch to start your healing process.

Anxiety Counselling Services

Anxiety can take away one’s balance, create a sense of disharmony in self that leaves you feeling alone, unsure, and unsafe. Bring back your balance.

Trauma Counselling Services

Trauma therapy can help you address the event(s) and begin the journey of processing. Face your fears and learn the skills to help you function better. We are here to support you.

Repro Mental Health Counselling Services

Perinatal mental health refers to any mental health issue experienced in relation to pregnancy. If you have experienced or are experiencing this, get the support you need.

Depression Counselling Services

When depression surfaces you may find yourself feeling lonely, unlovable, unwanted or helpless. We are here to support you during these times. Click to learn more.

Burnout Counselling Services

Burnout is the state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can be caused by prolonged or repeated stress. If you're experiencing burn out then get in touch.

Why Get Counselling?

Why Should I Start Today?

  • Because I’m tired of my emotions controlling me
  • Because I’m tired of not being able to communicate with my significant others
  • Because I long to reignite that connection with my significant other
  • Because I’m tired of being clouded by my anxious thoughts
  • Because I want to enjoy the things I used to enjoy
  • Because I want to be able to let go of things I cannot change
  • Because my past doesn’t define my future
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Service Options

Counselling Options

Individual Counselling Services
Family Counselling Services

Hold Me Tight ®

Is a relationship workshop for couples.

Join us if:

  • You desire more effective communication with your partner.
  • You are curious about the underlying reasons for your conflicts.
  • You long for deeper intimacy and a more loving connection.
  • You are curious about your partner’s and your own emotional needs and responses.
  • You are committed to moving away from negative patterns of interaction and replacing them with comfort and connection.
  • You want to affirm your relationship’s strengths and create a more secure sense of attachment.
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