Life Transitions

Learn to tune into your emotions and go from chaos to liberation.

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This can be your opportunity for growth.

The 4 types of transitions are as follows:

Anticipated – a transition you expect to happen in your life (e.g. career change, relationship change, moving homes, having/losing a child, etc.)

Unanticipated – a transitions which you haven’t planned for and something you didn’t expect to happen or did not happen when you anticipated it would. This type of transition can be particularly stressful or painful.

Nonevent – a transition where you expect something to happen which doesn’t or doesn’t occur when you thought it would (e.g. not being recognized for a promotion, not being able to have a child, not getting an object you wanted, etc.)

Sleeper – a transition that occurs where there is minimal awareness related to the transition (e.g. development of new skills, slipping away of relationships, loss of existing skills, etc.)

Understanding which type of transition you are going through can help you navigate this process. 

If you believe you are going through a transition or are unsure if you are then reach out to us and let’s discuss what you’re going through. We are trained professionals here to help. Select the type of service option that is right for you and get started today.

Types of Transitions

Did You Know?

"That everything changes and nothing stands still."
- Heraclitus, Cratylus (360 BCE)

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