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Grief is a natural process after a loss.

The common causes of grief can be:

  1. Passing of a human life
  2. Death of a relationship
  3. Loss of health and/or function
  4. Loss of independence
  5. Loss of a pet

Grieving is connected to a lot of intense feelings of love, hate, happiness, compassion, fear, anger, relief, sadness. These emotions can be overwhelming, upsetting and in some cases long lasting. There are various stages of grief and individuals move through them at their own pace. 

If you need support with your grief then give us a call or connect with us through email and we can begin supporting you in your healing process. Select the time of service option that is right for you.

Grief affects your...

Did You Know?

Grief is universal and a biological process as much as a mental one. Your body will show signs of grief just like your mind. We are here to provide you with support to help you work through the grief you are dealing with.

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